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Though in recent years, vinyl gates have been gaining in popularity, wooden and metal gates have been the standard for ages. Their great variety of styles and applications keep them at the top of the list for many homeowners. Choosing the gate that’s right for you can be difficult if you don’t know the advantages and disadvantages of each material. Keep reading to learn what you should know when considering a wood or metal gate.

Metal Gates: Entries for Centuries

Metal gates are extremely strong and durable. Their durability has been tested time and time again with amazing results. The choice between different metals, however, is changing; old style metal type is being replaced by new styles. Iron, while historically quite common for metal gates, is now becoming pretty rare. But to say the least, some of the finest metalwork ever created has been in bronze, brass, and copper on classic style metal gates, but they are not usually a common choice because of the price.

Wooden Gates

Wooden Gates are more common nowadays and for many reasons. The price, performance, and look of wooden gates, depending on which tree they are made from can be very fashionable and affordable. A wooden gate that is made from pine will be more affordable, lighter, and will look beautiful no matter how you paint or stain it. Cedar is often chosen to make wood gates from due to its natural ability to resist weather and has incredible bug repellent qualities. Hardwood gates can be very expensive but have a fine look and great curb appeal like nothing else.

Although all wooden gates generally need to have maintenance kept up to ensure they stay in top condition.

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